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Keeping up with the latest tools and developments in online community and social change is no easy task. That's why we're so grateful to be able to draw on some of the sharpest, most visionary minds in the fields of public participation, social change, business and technology. Their advice helps us constantly refine Social Signal's approach and enhance the strategy and technology we deliver to our clients.

Troy AngrignonTroy Angrignon

Troy Angrignon is the Director of Strategy for Hinchcliffe & Company, a leading Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 consulting, training, startup coaching, and media company. He writes and speaks about the changes occurring at the intersection of business, technology, finance, health, society, and the environment on his blog "Adventure Capitalist" (http://www.troyangrignon.com) and for various other publications.

He is a board member, mentor and advisor to startups and a volunteer in the sustainability sector. Previously, Troy was the Emerging Technology Strategist for Business Objects, where he developed their Enterprise 2.0 strategy and assisted in the creation of a new software-on-demand business unit. Outside of work and volunteer duties, he is a passionate outdoor athlete and can often be found at the gym, doing gymnastics, running, mountain-biking, or a variety of other sports. He can be reached at <troy@troyangrignon.com>.

Leda DederichLeda Dederich

Political organizations and non-profits large and small have turned to Leda for strategies to harness the Internet to achieve their goals. Always conscious of the need to link online activity with real-world action, she brings enterprise-class standards to bear on technology solutions – all informed by a long-standing commitment to social justice.

She managed the ground-breaking online strategy of Arianna Huffington's gubernatorial campaign, and helped the Israel-based group Agenda deliver training to Palestinian and Israeli social change organizations. She led the design and development of the Independent Media Institute's award-winning independent journalism magazine AlterNet.org, and executed the online campaign strategy for the League of Young Voters in 2004.

A member of the technical advisory boards for the League of Young Voters and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Leda lives in Oakland, California.

David EavesDavid Eaves

An expert in negotiation and public policy David work with two spin-offs of the Harvard Negotiation Project, and serves as a fellow at the Centre for the Study of Democracy at Queen’s University.

Over the past 8 years David has developed and implemented numerous collaborative strategies that enable organizations to maximize the value they generate with community members, partners, alliance members, customers, and suppliers. He has worked with leading companies in North America, Europe and Africa and in a range of industries such as financial services, health-care, information technology, energy, and telecommunications as well as community groups, non-profits and government agencies.

As a fellow, David writes on politics, public service sector renewal, as well as open source and network systems. He publishes regularly in the Toronto Star and Embassy Magazine and is frequently invited to speak on these issues to students, academics and policymakers.

David completed a Bachelor of Arts in history at Queen’s University and a Master’s of International Relations at Oxford.

Angus ReidAngus Reid
CEO, Vision Critical

His name is nearly synonymous with Canadian public opinion: Angus Reid is CEO of Vision Critical and Angus Reid Strategies, Vancouver-based companies at the leading edge of market research. He's the author of the bestselling Shakedown: How the New Economy is Changing Our Lives, and a member of the advisory board of the Woodrow Wilson Center's Canada Institute in Washington DC.

Born in Regina, Angus received his PhD in Sociology from Carleton University in 1974. Five years later, he founded the Angus Reid Group, which grew into one of North America's largest research companies. He holds honorary doctorates from Simon Fraser University and the University of Manitoba, and was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Canadian Public Affairs Association and Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association.

His philanthropic activities include funding projects through the Angus Reid Foundation. Angus Reid lives in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

David VogtDavid Vogt
Executive Director, Mobile MUSE Network
Director, Digital Learning Projects, UBC Education

A visionary and technology innovator with a background spanning the corporate and academic worlds, David Vogt leads a network of cultural, media and technology champions working together to deliver world-class sustainable mobile content and services.

From serving as the Director of Science at Vancouver's Science World to conducting research into the social and cultural dimensions of science and technology, David couples an active involvement in cutting-edge technology with a passion for practical application. He founded Brainium Technologies, which pioneered Internet-based curriculum and wireless devices in K-12 education, and served as the Chief Research Officer for Vancouver's New Media Innovation Centre.

David held the Robitaille Professorship in Learning Technologies at the University of British Columbia. He is the CEO of CrowdTrust Technologies, a web 2.0 company offering collective intelligence solutions. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Marnie WebbMarnie Webb
Vice President of Knowledge Services, CompuMentor

One of the leading figures in non-profit technology, Marnie Webb is the driving force behind the NetSquared initiative, providing online social tools to non-profits. Board members, strategists, staff and volunteers alike can attest to her invaluable work as a speaker, writer, trainer and advocate for the power of online technology to transform non-profit organizations.

As an executive with North America's largest non-profit technology assistance agency, Marnie leads CompuMentor's technical consulting program, Techcommons, as well as the world-famous TechSoup web site, offering resources and information to non-profits in 190 countries.

She helped found the Nonprofit Emerging Technology Exchange, and organized the highly successful NPTech tagging experiment, allowing thousands of people to identify online resources related to non-profit technology. Marnie lives in the Bay Area in California.

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