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Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep. 14: the way-to-go! episode

A little encouragement goes a long way in keeping the Web 2.0 world turning. Alex and Rob talk about how to offer a few kind words to the folks who do everything from posting Creative Commons-licensed photos to creating fantastic YouTube videos.

(Speaking of a few words, kind or otherwise, that comment field down below would probably love to hear from you...)

A little linky goodness from this episode (in which we definitely establish that Rob is a. flossing and b. eating his okra):

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Kate Trgovac says

March 11, 2008 - 5:01pm
Hi, Rob and Alex! My goodness - you two are so delightful! I'll admit that this is the first Bedtime podcast I've listened to - even though I've had you subbed in iTunes since Day 1. (Ahh .. the wonders of an ego feed). I'm away from home right now - hanging out in Toronto and your podcast tonight made me a) feel a little more connected to Vancouver and the amazing people I've met there and b) miss my own sweetie (but in a good way) and tear up just a bit. Thank you so much for sharing this incredibly intimate time in your day. Even though we've not spent a lot of time together (something I hope we can change this year), I am so impressed by your both your business and personal relationships. This podcast, to me, really exemplifies Love 2.0 :) So thank you for doing it. Please keep doing more of it. And Rob, I'm proud of you for eating the okra!!

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