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Bedtime with Rob and Alex

Join Social Signal's Alexandra Samuel and Rob Cottingham for their last conversation of the day, about social media, social change... and a little socializing.

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Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep.3b (shorter! funnier!)

No sooner had we put the iPod and Griffin iTalk away for the night (top drawer, night table on the left of the bed, for any thief who wants to give Rob the excuse he needs to upgrade) than a new idea hit Alex.

So here's episode 3B, asking the question: are there some problems that don't have a technological fix?

For folks looking for something a bit less, ah, filling than the night's other episode, this one's guaranteed to be shorter and, maybe, a little lighter.

Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep. 4: the long-distance episode

Okay, so Alex is in Oberlin, Ohio while Rob holds down the fort in Vancouver, BC. You think we're going to let a little thing like 3,300 kilometres of distance keep us from our just-before-sleep banter?

Introducing Bedtime with Rob and Alex

It's the start of our favourite season here at Social Signal: the run-up to Valentine's Day. For us, it's a celebration of love, togetherness and community.

And what better way to express that togetherness than through a podcast? That's why we're launching a new experiment, Bedtime with Rob and Alex. It's a podcast that captures the knowledge, insights and passions of our online community and Web 2.0 explorations -- whether that involves a new way of looking at online collaboration, or a new piece of software for looking at online pictures.

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