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10 tools from 2005 that tapped the power of blogs - where are they now?

In 2005, fresh out of the Online Deliberation 2005 conference, Social Signal CEO Alexandra Samuel wrote about 10 tools that tap the power of blogs. As we were working on relaunching our website, we had a chance to take a second look at this post and thought it'd be fun to do a bit of a retrospective: what's happened to these 10 tools in the past 4 years, as blogging has become more popular and mainstream?

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Blogging employees - a company brand's enemy or strongest ally?

Internal blogging policy makes social media a win-win for companies and bloggers

The headline on last week's Metro daily newspaper read, "Bus driver fired over blog," and describes the story of Michael Cox's brief term as a bus driver working for Coast Mountain Bus Company here in Vancouver. The article starts by describing Michael's perspective on events, such as his initial desire to share what he was learning in his bus driving training experience to friends and family.

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Session Picks for Northern Voice 2009

February in Vancouver means that the Vancouver blogging event of the year, Northern Voice, is just around the corner, happening on Friday, February 20 and Saturday, February 21st at the UBC Forestry Sciences Centre.

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