Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep. 12: the keeping-up-to-date episodePodcast: Tools and strategies for staying updated and afloat in your busy life

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This episode, Rob talks about the release of Google Sites... which Alex hasn't had a chance to check out yet, leading her to ask, how do you keep up with the news in your field when everyone's so busy these days?

We come up with six questions to ask about keeping up to date with the latest developments, and propose that Feb. 29 become World Catch-Up Day... when everyone has a chance to catch up on the reading they've missed, and the creation of new content is strictly prohibited.

(As it turns out, we adhered to that last aspect of World Catch-Up Day... but not out of intention. Rob and one of our children came down with a bug, and Friday was spent consoling and caring instead of posting this episode.)

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