Bedtime with Rob and Alex Ep. 2: Should you be live-blogging?How to liveblog effectively without alienating your real-world audience

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Bedtime with Rob and AlexNight two of our podcasting experiment finds us talking about the Super Tuesday election returns and the phenomenon of live-blogging: reporting on an event via a blog as it unfolds.

We unload our pet peeves (say, we get grumpy that late at night) about live-blogging that disrupts events and makes it harder for the blogger to be a real participant. But we also look at the things that really work about live-blogging... and give you the five (okay, seven... maybe eight...) questions you should ask yourself before you start.

It's eleven minutes (plus a bonus thirty-nine seconds just for tuning in!) – and as always, we'd love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below, or drop us a line by email at bedtime (at) socialsignal (dot) com.

Good night!


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