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Our friends at ReframeIt are enjoying a couple of weeks' worth of well-deserved glowing coverage, most recently in the form of a great review on ZDnet. I met ReframeIt CEO Bobby Fishkin at this year's NetSquared, where we had an awesome conversation about how well-designed social web tools can support meaningful conversation, knowledge building and social trust, as opposed to the usual yak yak yak.

Bobby and team have brought the vision of meaningful conversation to life with ReframeIt's very pragmatic approach to in-context annotation. Install their Firefox extension and you can annotate any web page, share your annotations with the audience(s) of your choice, and read what other people are saying about that page. It's a great way to share resources with colleagues, keep your own notes about favourite web sites, or bring openness and accountability to those web sites who've yet to embrace the social web.

We've long used Technorati searches to show organizations that even if they're not hosting online conversations, people are already talking about them...and opening your doors to engagement is the best way to have a voice in the conversation. I suspect it won't be long until we start making that point by using ReframeIt to show clients what people are saying about them -- in the margins of their very own web sites.

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