Tips for a successful Facebook application launch

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Asked on LinkedIn: Launching a Facebook application?

Consider running a contest -- something with genuine value, ideally a bit witty -- that you advertise on Facebook using smartly-chosen keywords to control where your ad appears. Make sure it's clear this contest is associated with a new recommendation tool. That will bring your target users to you, already primed for positive engagement with your application, without engendering the ill-will that comes from anything that feels spammy.

Another option: look for Facebook groups and key influencers who write a lot about beauty issues, and ask them to try your tool. Offer whatever support you can to make it easy for them to write about: some key discussion points, graphics to illustrate their posts, a conference or personal call to answer any questions about your application.

This week I went on one of my periodic LinkedIn answering binges. Since LinkedIn doesn't provide me with a way of directly aggregating my own answers back onto our site (!!) I'm manually posting my answers back to this site.


David King says

February 5, 2010 - 8:19pm

Thanks so much for the advice! I appreciate it!


It all helps when you are launching your first facebook app!



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