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Saving the world is serious fun at Simon Fraser University

Be a part of the conversation - how is social media changing the way we witness the world?

I'm happy to announce that I'll be speaking at Simon Fraser University's Institute for the Humanities conference this Friday, Oct 16 at Harbour Centre. And you're invited!

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The Longest Commute

How I overcame distance, built trust and landed a job with social media

Warsaw to Vancouve map

First, you should know this:  although I love the Internet, I would never ever move over 9,000 kilometers to be with some guy I’d just met online. We can agree that’s obviously a crazy thing to do. Right?

So when I tell you that I just moved here from Poland to work for Social Signal, and that I did it on the basis of an interview process conducted entirely over the Internet – yes, I shut up my Warsaw apartment, yes, I uprooted my husband, yes, actually, I did move here with all my stuff in a few backpacks before I even shook hands with Alex – I can appreciate why you look a little bug-eyed.

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Work Smarter with Evernote

Get more out of Evernote with Alexandra Samuel's great new ebook, the first in the Harvard Business Press Work Smarter with Social Media series!

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