You go, blogathonners!24-hour blogging marathon raises funds for charity

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Marathon runners

Blogathon 2009 is here.

Starting on Saturday at 6:00 am, nearly 200 bloggers from a number of cities - Vancouver prominent among them - will be posting to their blogs every half hour for 24 hours. They'll be raising money for a wide range of charities; so far, nearly $27,000 has been raised.

Here in the Vancouver area, Rebecca Bollwitt is serving again as the rallying point for local participants. Many of them will be gathering at Workspace in Gastown, where she's sponsoring a tweetup for the duration.

It's a terrific event. So tomorrow, give a thought over the course of the day to those bloggers (especially as the wee hours approach!) - drop by their blogs and leave a comment, and maybe make a donation via their widgets.

Good luck, folks!

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Raul says

July 24, 2009 - 11:33pm

Thanks Rob! :) We appreciate the support and the love!

Karen Quinn Fung says

July 25, 2009 - 5:03am

Seconding the thanks! :) I like to think that this is a little on the fringe of what people have in mind when people think "social media for social change"...

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