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Bix is having a competition to find the most inspiring story of charitable giving. And Beth Kanter has nominated, well, the whole dang social web:

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It's just one example of the power of microdonations... especially when you combine them with a compelling story:

I raised money on my blog to send Leng Sopharath, a Cambodian orphan, to college via the Sharing Fdn. 81 of my blog readers made a donation. We raised her tuition in 24 hours and raised enough to support a 2nd college student. This is the power of the social web to do social good and where a lot of small gifts can make a huge difference.

So, social web, head on over and vote for yourself. (Oh, and for a terrific cause.)


Beth Kanter says

December 16, 2007 - 8:52pm
Hi Rob, Thanks so much for reblogging this! Appreciate it. Here's one thing that happened. Apparently the interface design was really confusing. It makes you go through every story in pairs and vote on each one. So, for some people it wasn't a good experience because they just wanted to vote once. So, I've gone on to launch an America's Giving Challenge for this cause as well .... Beth

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