Open SoSi: The Concept Jam Part 6Another take on how to present social media options and opportunities

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A few days ago, we wrote about the social media options document that is the final deliverable in the Concept Jam. Today, the fine people at BC Children's Hospital Foundation have allowed us to release the options document we prepared for them last year after their Concept Jam workshop.

That work led to the birth of the Be a Superhero! social media campaign. You'll see the beginning vision for this campaign in the options document we're sharing here. Since the work included additional options that may be partially incorporated into the Foundation's future efforts, we've removed them from the document - but we've included a description of their structure, as well as some general information about each one.

The foundation decided to proceed with the first two options: a fundraising widget and a personalized video (to the best of our knowledge, the first application of that approach in the fundraising arena).

Which means you get a chance to have a look at our descriptions of those options... and then compare them to the way they were ultimately implemented by our superb development partners at Work at Play. You can find the widget as part of the Be a Superhero Facebook application; the personalized video is also part of that app, as well as appearing on its own microsite.

(For a discussion of how the options document fits into the Concept Jam, read our blog post about the other document.)

The workshop, by the way, was terrific. The room of about three dozen people included foundation staff and volunteers, hospital employees, board members (including senior business executives), patient family members and others. All generously gave up their day; more to the point, they participated with enthusiasm and creativity - and enough ideas to cover pretty much every blank space on the walls of a very large meeting area.

We've mentioned a few times how thrilled we are to be working with clients who embrace the same spirit of openness that drives both the social web and Open SoSi. And we're grateful to BCCHF communications director Stephen Forgacs for letting us share this document with you.

Here's a thought: if you've found it useful, how about rewarding their generosity with a small donation?

Social Signal Concept Jam: Options Document for BC Children's Hospital Foundation


R. Gauthier says

October 30, 2009 - 6:09am

Thanks for sharing an example of a Concept Jam workshop deliverable.  It is much appreciated.

Marc-Oliver says

October 30, 2009 - 11:38am

Hi there,

Thank you very much for sharing those documents and give (away) the knowledge and the experience you gathered through all those workshops and clients.Thats just GREAT.

Some of the thoughts and ideas kept me thinking about my own work. I am currently working on a Online Business Strategy as well and I would be happy to share some of those documents soon. I took the whole thing a little bit further and you would be able to see an Engagement/Brand Matrix, which you can use as –sort of a tool– to proof your direction/idea. Its all integrated in the "Options" Document which I kept also lit bit more illustrative. I think scetching or visualizing ideas is a very important step in the developing phase. Its not only useful to power up your own idea and convince your customers, its also quite useful for yourself; Make it more plastically, so that you can see/feel if this might work. Well, guess thats a thing I can't get rid of as a former Online Art Director.

Ok, please feel free to keep up with the dev process on my Twitter Account (@RosettaOrbit).

Best Wishes from Vancouver.


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