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If you're in Vancouver this weekend, you'll want to drop by the Globe Foundation's EPIC: The Sustainable Living Expo: three days of exhibits and events geared to people who want to live healthier, more sustainable lives.

And if you aren't in Vancouver, you can still catch the flavour of the event, because is delivering what may be the most full-on social media coverage the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre has ever seen.

Check it out: text, video, photos and - if I know these folks - probably some audio soon too. They've brought in some of the most active bloggers in Vancouver as part of an open call issued last week. It joins the four-lane highway (that would be four HOV lanes, of course) of channels happyfrog has already built: the frogblog, happyfrog on YouTube, frogwalking on and the happyfrog flickr group.

When we helped build and launch happyfrog last year, we knew our team was creating a valuable resource: a place where people could come to find products and services aligned with their hopes for a happier, healthier community. It's been a thrill to see it take off, and start becoming something much more than just another directory: a hub for news, discussion and community for that rapidly growing, diverse group of people who shop with an eye to an environmental and social bottom line.


DaveO says

April 24, 2008 - 9:49am

Great report Rob!

After months of thinking, visualizing, tweaking and hoping ... was a great feeling to really take happyfrog out for a spin and showing off all the hardwork to the public.

The reaction (both from the public and business owners and non-profit groups) was fantastic. Folks really surprised that we were eagerly marketing and promoting their endeavours and interested to learn more to share with all the frogs. Consumers right away understood that happyfrog is meant to be super-local and help you rediscover your neighborhood.

I am not sure if anyone keeps track of such things, but i can't think of a crowd-powered social news event of this magnitude in Vancouver (geek camps exempted). The posts are still going up and we'll end up with a comprehensive report with many points of view from a very diverse frog squad.

Congrats to you and Alex as you see many of your projects (i.e. Change everything) really taking off to lofty new heights - while doing good for the world - must make you smile for sure!

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