Best local sites for green living: BC Hydro, tie for silver in Georgia Straight readers' picks

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There are a lot of smiles here at Social Signal's sprawling corporate headquarters. Two of our clients, BC Hydro and the Vancouver sustainability hub, just tied for second place in the Georgia Straight's annual "Best of Vancouver" awards.

happyfrog.caThe first-place finisher,, gives us a grin, too. Not just because the good doctor has been such an inspiration to us over the years, but because whenever we brainstorm a sustainability social media project with a client, there's invariably a moment where someone says, "Hey... what if we could get David Suzuki to blog on it?"

Best of Vancouver 2008(Their award category, local web sites for green living, is near and dear to our hearts: "local", because we believe in the primacy of place, "green", because we believe in the imperative of sustainability, "web", because we believe in the power of social media, and "for", because it's such a handy preposition.)

It's great to know that these projects have made a difference for so many people. And it's a tribute to both BC Hydro and the crew at happyfrog, who've worked so hard to make their projects a success. Congratulations, everyone.



DaveO says

October 1, 2008 - 11:17am

That was quite a surprise for and another well-deserved feather for Social Signal's toque. You are doing remarkable work with your "social media think-tank" and deserve much praise for your excellent ideas and dedication to important causes.

With all the outreach activities we frogs worked on, this one "just happened" - good news indeed! Big thanks go to the folks who nominated and voted for - Canada's Green Community Directory. We'll keep improving to be worthy of your participation.

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