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One of our favourite collaborators, Courtney Miller of Floatleft, is the Drupal theming genius behind a cool (and cool-looking) new site that just launched. She told me about it today: Stories for Change.

Stories for Change aims to connect and extend the network of workshop facilitators and organizations that have come together in community-based digital storytelling workshops. The site provides a space for members and visitors to share their favorite curriculum ideas, post the stories they create, and engage in meaningful conversations around the stories they watch. The power of community digital storytelling workshops rests in their ability to inspire, connect, and incite action within and between local groups; the goal of Stories for Change is to further nurture that spirit online.

Theming, by the way, is the process of altering the design and interactivity of a default Drupal installation (which, out of the box, is kind of bare-bones and generic-looking, recent worthy advances notwithstanding). Courtney's amazing at it, and we're lucky to work with her on as many projects as we do.

Meanwhile, Stories for Change itself looks like a wonderful project, and it'll be fascinating to watch this site grow and evolve. Congratulations to Courtney and the team behind it.

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