Friends of the show, doing cool thingsCongrats due for Vancouver social media companies celebrating successes and launches

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In the hubbub of our various projects, we've let two three interesting developments in our local social media scene slip by unremarked. And that's doubly unfortunate because they involve friends. (In our defence, we seem to have the kind of friends who are always up to amazing things.)

Well, that changes right now (the "unremarked" part, not the "friends" or "amazing" part):

  • First, a big congratulations to my pal Jordan Behan and his colleagues at Strutta, who've just launched a fun site that lets users upload videos and assign them to a particular theme; other users vote on them, and a winner emerges in each category. (The prize: online glory and bragging rights.) Already, it's getting major buzz.
  • Second, Monique Trottier and James Sherrett have rebranded their company as Boxcar Marketing. They're both smart as hell, and engaging speakers to boot - be sure to catch their blog.
  • And third, Susannah, Travis, Rachael and the gang at Hop Studios netted another Webby nomination for Truthdig, in the politics category. Truthdig won in 2007, but if anything the competition's even tougher this year - so go vote!


Jordan Behan says

April 18, 2008 - 12:43pm
Thanks very much Rob, it certainly has been a lot of fun to build and launch something so exciting. And congrats to James and Monique on the re-brand!

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