Google, MyYahoo! and Netvibes have a competitor: youDrupal module allows you to build your own homepage

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For a while now, folks like Google, MyYahoo! and Netvibes have been vying to be your home page. They've made it easy to create a custom page crammed with blog headlines, news updates, weather forecasts, the latest Hollywood gossip and more – whatever online info happens to catch your fancy.

The competition has been fierce... but every alternative has its little idiosyncrasies, tiny things that can drive you bat-spit crazy.

While all of this has been going on, the open-source community hasn't been napping. Take the folks who develop modules for Drupal, the content management system we've used (happily and enthusiastically) in several projects so far.

Last month, Ayman Hourieh posted a tutorial for creating a drag-and-drop portal interface in Drupal. And now comes a new Drupal module called MySite:

MySite pages are designed to let users create a personalized summary of the site. As such, the MySite module duplicates the functionality of tools like MyYahoo! and Google's personalized homepage.
The module allows registered site users to create a MySite page that contains content from throughout the site. For sites that use the Aggregator module, users may also add feeds from external web sites to their MySite pages.

Want to build a better home page than Google... and let others do the same? The tools are out there.

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