Got a cool non-profit tech project? NetSquared wants to fund it

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This year's NetSquared conference is shaping up to top last year's inaugural confab of non-profit leaders, tech types and funders. And high on the agenda is the new Technology Innovation Fund.

At least $100,000 is on the table. The process for awarding it has begun on the NetSquared site itself, where community members will nominate projects and vote for their favourites:

Nominations will be accepted from March 1 - 31, 2007. Voting will be held April 2 - 7, 2007. The top 20 vote getters will receive an all-expense paid invitation to NetSquared Conference for two project representatives.

They're looking for projects that:

  • Use the power of community and social networks to create change
  • Use existing, or newly developed technology tools for social impact
  • Have a plausible financial model
  • Have a clear way to measure success
  • Exhibit extraordinary leadership, passion and resourcefulness
  • Exhibit a passion of social change

The 20 projects selected for presentation at NetSquared (or "N2Y2", as the folks at Compumentor have dubbed it) will be announced on April 16. Conference participants will hear the presentations, then decide who gets how much funding. And cash isn't all that's up for grabs; Yahoo! is making technological resources available, and other assistance is expected.

Learn more here... and once you have your project teed up, apply (or nominate someone else) here.


Beth says

March 3, 2007 - 8:08pm
You're the first one to report this! Cat's out of the bag.

Rob Cottingham says

March 3, 2007 - 10:18pm

You make me think we should have a commercial for the Social Signal blog along the lines of those local news promos:

(Pulsing music, under gravelly male voice) "When NetSquared announced its Technology Innovation Fund, you heard about it first on SOSI News 7! And when Vancity's CEO started blogging, we were on the scene within minutes! For the Web 2.0 news you need, turn to SOSI News 7 – first for news. First for online community." ("Whoosh!" sound effect and dramatic musical flourish)

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