Help write the agenda for the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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SXSW isn't the only fabulous event whose agenda is partly shaped by audience input. NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network, will hold its annual conference next April in Atlanta, Georgia... and they'd like you to help them figure out what sessions to offer.

Head on over here for a list of candidates, and start a-clickin'. And if you'd like to leave comments – suggestions, questions, thinly-veiled requests to be included on the panel – just click on the session title.

As with SXSW, public voting counts for 33% of the final score in deciding which sessions make the grade. (Why only a one-third voice instead of having the community vote carry the day? Because, as the FAQ; points out, "If we did it that way, we'd have 40 sessions on social media, 30 on websites, and a score on e-mail. Yes, we're 'How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?' folks".)

While the deadline for session submissions was September 21, if you've had an idea that's just mind-blowingly fantastic, you can try to talk them into adding it to the 228-submission-long ballot... they're kind and generous people.

Voting wraps up on October 16, and they're adopting a strict one-IP-address, one-vote rule to prevent overenthusiasm from skewing the results. So start voting!

(We have two sessions in that list, by the way: Building your social media team and Planning for online engagement - if you think they'd be helpful, we'd love your support!)

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