NetSquared: Alex on social media and conversation as the engine of change

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Jed SundwallJust a heads-up: there's a great interview over on the NetSquared web site, where Jed Sundwall (that's him on the right) talks to Alex about the work we do, and how social media can help organizations join the big conversations that can lead us to a sustainable, socially just world:

I used to do a lot of policy consultation online and I moved away from that because I felt like I was more called to do direct social change work. I've since come full circle because I've concluded that, at the end of the day, meaningful change only comes from conversation. Conversation is the agent of change. What social media does beautifully is enable large scale conversations across many dimensions—across huge distances, across gaps in time (through asynchronous communication), across personal differences. Those conversations are really key to enabling change. Our challenge is fostering conversations that build social capital.

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