What keeps Chris up at nightNorthern Voice: Chris Messina on the open web - and what threatens to close it up

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Chris Messina, Google's new open web advocate, just wrapped Northern Voice's second keynote with a call for the defence of the open web from the gatekeeper mentality. (Which is why I just hit "publish" on my last blog post - it covers some of the same terrain, and I'd like to contribute to that conversation.)

I'm liking this no-PowerPoint thing a lot. Here are my notes from Chris's speech:

Notes from Chris Messina's keynote at Northern Voice, part 1

Notes from Chris Messina's keynote at Northern Voice, part 2

And yes, the iPad I drew this on is one example of that locked-down, gate-keeper, appliance model that Chris dubs "pop computing". But as he points out, those can be great... provided they're not your only device.

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