OneWebDay refocuses on the digital divide

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Cartoon: digital divide (better version)

Over the past few years, as broadband reaches more and more communities and mobile Internet access extends its reach, the digital divide has receded into the background. Issues like net neutrality and intellectual property have taken centre stage and taken on new urgency.

But equal access to digital technologies is as important as ever. And this year, the folks behind OneWebDay want to remind us:

Right now, governments, corporate entities and technical elites decide the fate of the most powerful, inclusive communications platform ever created. They're making decisions about who will have access, at what speeds, and at what price. They're deciding how to invest in training and education in 21st century communications.

Even the principles that make the Web an open platform for the creativity of every user are in question. The global economy is in crisis, and the open Internet is a pathway to economic opportunity. Everyone should have access, and everyone should help in deciding the future of the Web.


Drop by OneWebDay to find out about events near you.

Updated: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is celebrating OneWebDay - whether by coincidence or intention - with the launch of, a site to promote and discuss a free and open Internet - one of the keystones of equal access to the online world:

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