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When I was a young 'un still trying to wrap my mind around personal computers, modems, desktop publishing and stuff, I had only a few trusted sources to turn to: my very few friends who shared my interest... whatever I could glean at 300 baud from Ottawa's various computer bulletin boards... and magazines.

Two magazines in particular gave me the education I was looking for: PC Magazine and PC World. For me, neither ├╝bergeek or total n00b, they were the holders of the keys to the tech kingdom of the mid-to-late 1980s and early 90s.

So I'm especially delighted that, all day today, PC World's web site has as its lead feature "a dozen of the best tech-related cartoons the Web has to offer"... and among those exalted 12, you'll find Noise to Signal.

Head on over - and check out the other 11 cartoons as well, along with editor JR Raphael's lively commentary. (Want to read more JR Raphael? Then head to his site eSarcasm - billed, wisely, as "not for the easily offended".)

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