Noise to Signal looks backSocial media in 2010: a cartoon year in review

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The year that started with Angry Birds and wrapped up with Angry Delicious Users is finally over.

I've spent the past week (between meals of turkey leftovers) doodling my cartoon retrospective of the year in social media - and I think I showed tremendous restraint in avoiding any direct mention of the iPad. Instead, I paid tribute to the Device of Devices by drawing the roughs (and a few of the finished cartoons) on one.

You can find the individual cartoons (and much more!) at the main Noise to Signal site. (There's also a free 2011 calendar for you to download. Enjoy!)


Dee Kumar says

January 4, 2011 - 5:35pm

Great video, very unique way to wrap up a eventful year in social marketing.

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