Social Tech Training: Toronto, June 22-24

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SocialTech Training

For a lot of organizations, grasping the potential of social media is a big step... but actually implementing it is even bigger. How do you bridge the chasm between "You know what we should do?" and "So how do we do it?"

That's why MaRS and Web of Change are teaming up to offer Social Tech Training: a hands-on three-day intensive course in Web 2.0 for the social change sector.

It runs from June 22-24 at the MaRS Centre in Toronto's increasingly-cool Discovery District. Tuition is $695, with further subsidies available depending on your circumstances.

Alex is one of the trainers, a high-octane group that will kick your social media plans into high gear. If you've been hankering for a thorough, deep grounding in the wide world of Web 2.0, and you'll be in Toronto in late June, this is the chance you've been waiting for.

The details:

We've gathered the best and the brightest leaders in this sector, and we've put together an agenda that will help take your organization to the next level. Each participant will emerge with new technical, creative, and leadership skills, a powerful network, and a customized, comprehensive “Web 2.0 Plan” for their organization....


June 22 - 24, 2008 (three full days)


MaRS Centre, in Toronto's high-tech Discovery District (101 College Street at University)


Communications and/or web staff from social change organizations across Canada and the US. Maximum 65 participants – register early to avoid disappointment.

Please note the learning framework requires at least one member of your senior leadership team participate in this process, in order to ensure that your plan is properly implemented. See below for more information.


This event will run for three full days, including two evening events, and will be facilitated by a team of senior leaders from the Web of Change community. Organizations are invited to send one representative to this training, which will balance both prepared, curated content with emergent topics, and be highly collaborative and participative in nature.

In advance of the training, all participating organizations will be asked to develop a working “change team” (including executive directors and senior communications & / or fundraising staff). This team will help create intentions, participate in certain sessions remotely, and help to ensure successful implementation of the plans created.


The full cost of this event is $895 including all meals – accommodation is separate. Thanks to the generous partnership with SiG@MaRS, we are able to offer this to all organizations at $695 If needed, further subsidies are available – please inquire.


Please visit the Social Tech Training site for more information.


Please contact Sarah Pullman, Communications Manager for Web of Change.



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