Spare a moment to vote for Social Signal's panels?SXSW panel voting closes Monday; your support can make the difference

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South by Southwest Interactive is coming next March, and Social Signal has three panels in the mix. We'd love to see at least one of them happen - and that's where you come in.

Your vote on the SXSW PanelPicker (in a world of obscure application names, that one comes as something of a relief) will make a big difference in how the conference organizers shape the agenda. Now, with voting closing tomorrow Monday, we're down to the wire.

Could you take a moment... check out our three proposals... and, if you like them, give them your thumbs-up? (And if you really want to be a mensch, adding a comment would be fantastic.) Thanks!

Here they are:

  • How to make your users love you: Take your relationship with your users to the next level.
  • Teh Funny: Part stand-up, part insight and part inspiration, this presentation skewers some of the digital world’s trendiest tools and most sacred cows.
  • Are you smarter than a social media expert? The experts will defend their titles (or admit their limitations) against challengers from the audience and the online world.

Thank you so, so much.


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