Thank you, ChangeEverything supporters!Supporters show love for ChangeEverything at the Webby Awards

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We just wanted to say a big "thank you" to all of our friends out there who headed over to the Webby Awards People's Voice site and voted for Vancity's Change Everything.

The Webby folks play their cards close to their chest, but the last numbers we had showed that Change Everything was in second place, behind Facebook... and given Facebook's massive, massive claim on the public's consciousness, that's still an amazing finish. Congrats to the People's Voice winners, Facebook - and an especially big congrats to the juried award winners, Flock. (See more about them here.)

But our biggest, most heartfelt congratulations go to the community at Change Everything - the folks blogging, collaborating and creating change in our community - and Kate Dugas, the woman who keeps that online neighbourhood a happy, vibrant place to hang out. This has been one more reminder that the social web is so much more about the social than the web - about the people rather than the technology.

To us, the thing that's more important than the final ranking is the fact that thousands of people voted for an authentic, social-change-focused online community. And at a personal level, we're deeply grateful that so many of you responded so enthusiastically to our call to action.

Thank you!


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