The Obama online campaign, by the numbersQuantifying the impact of social media on the 2008 election

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The Washington Post's Clickocracy series has a piece on the Obama online campaign, and while the exclusive interview and anecdotes are well worth reading, it's the numbers that really tell the story:

  • 3 million online donors.
  • 6.5 million online donations.
  • 6 million online donations under $100.
  • $80 average online donation.
  • $600+ million raised, most of it online.
  • 13 million addresses on his email list.
  • 7,000 different email messages sent.
  • 1 billion total emails sent.
  • 1 million text-message subscribers.
  • 3 or more text messages to every subscriber in a battleground state on Election Day.
  • 2 million profiles on
  • 200,000 offline events planned.
  • 400,000 blog posts written.
  • 35,000 volunteer groups created.
  • 3 million calls made on the virtual phone bank in the campaign's final four days.
  • 70 million personal fundraisers on
  • $30 million raised by personal fundraisers on
  • 5 million supporters in other social networks.

This is a campaign that embraced social media with a vengeance, and social media clearly returned the favour.


Laurie says

November 29, 2008 - 6:45am
Hey Rob...what is Tried to go there but it's a placeholder for a name acquiring company? Thanks!

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