Vancity CEO Dave Mowat is blogging

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Add Vancity honcho Dave Mowat's name to the growing list of CEOs who are blogging. And if you head to his blog, you'll notice two things.

One, it's not on the Vancity site. Instead, it's on, where he's helping to contribute to the conversations there.

And two, it's not your usual CEO blog. No griping about the travails of first-class air travel or hand-wringing about how hard it is to lay people off.

Instead, he's blogging about climate change. Mowat has taken Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth training, and will be delivering the presentation to audiences starting next month. He admits he's a little nervous:

I’m not Gore. I’m not a scientist. I’m just a business leader and a person who has access to a lot of people and an opportunity to make people think and maybe even change their behaviour. But I’m preparing, and I’m rehearsing and I’m getting ready to take on this huge challenge I signed up for.

Not to go over the top here, but I do feel like we’re all standing on the edge of a new day here and are looking out at what could be a new future. The decisions we make over the next few months and years can determine how future generations live. It can change history . . .

Best not get ahead of myself here. First, let’s get through a rehearsal.

Two of the community members have already engaged him in the comment threads. I expect they'll be the first of many. And while we didn't exactly have the CEO in mind when we were conceiving of the typical user back in 2006, it's great to see how well he fits in.


Arjun Singh says

February 28, 2007 - 9:59pm
Rob - great to see you again at Northern Voice 3. I think its great that Dave Mowat is blogging. I am still thinking a lot about the dicussion on the video camera everywhere world and what it does mean for elected people. I hope I can get out a post to refine some thoughts.

Rob Cottingham says

March 1, 2007 - 11:50am
Great to see you too, Arjun, even if we didn't have a chance to talk! I'll look forward to seeing that post, especially if you can share some insight from your own experience campaigning for office.

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