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We're hiring again... and if you're a social media strategist with a social-change frame of mind, then do we have the job for you:

Social Signal is offering a great opportunity to be part of a team of smart, creative people who are making a difference in the world. If you are a social media expert with great strategic, writing and organizational skills, you can put your expertise and skills to work on projects that speak to your passion for social change. And you’ll find that the joy of working with kindred spirits can be matched by the thrill of helping our team do its best work and our business to thrive.


We’re looking for a social media strategist who can work with a team to create innovative visions for online community and social media projects, and turn those visions into reality. The right person is great with people, words, technology and details. We need someone who:

  • is a strategic communicator - a great writer who thinks in terms of messages, audiences and communications goals
  • lives and breathes online, and is contagiously passionate about what Web 2.0 means for organizations and the world
  • has experience with client relations, PR or account management: a true people person who is also terrific at managing projects, tracking details and getting it all done
  • loves working with a team to generate ideas and deliverables that are more creative than what you could achieve flying solo
  • shares our excitement about how social media can support organizational innovation and progressive social change.

The posting's here. We're looking for someone who's as immersed in this weird and wonderful world of social media as we are, someone with a passion for changing the world - or at least their corner of it - and someone who's a delight to work with. If that sounds like you, then please: apply within.

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