@SFUWoodwards, here's your cameraWinner in our Twitter contest gets her Flip HD

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Turns out it really is better to give than receive! We just handed Julie Ovenell-Carter, a.k.a. @sfuwoodwards, her brand new Flip MinoHD video camera, her prize in Social Signal's first Twitter contest.

First a word about the Flip: We're in love with these little beasts. The quality is great, the cameras are tiny, and they put affordable video into the hands of lots more people than ever before... while making it easier than ever to share with the world. What's not to love - especially since they take the creative self-expression one step further, letting you customize your Flip with your own design?

We asked Julie if she'd mind if we slapped our logo on there, and she very kindly agreed, and we think it looks chic as all hell.

And second, a word about the Julie and the SFU/Woodward's project.

The Woodward's development is a fantastically innovative housing, business, social and cultural development in the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, built on the site of a former department store. And a big part of it will be the relocated Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts.

That relocation is documented on the SFU Woodwards blog... but because you want the very latest updates, and enjoy one of Twitter's more engaging and lively voices, you'll want to check out the project's Twitter feed... the one that Julie writes.

(Did we mention she's an award-winning writer? She's an award-winning writer. Crikey.)

We couldn't be happier that this particular Flip is going to go to work recording one of the most important, ground-breaking initiatives in the history of Canadian urban development. But we also hope Julie (who's also a travel blogger) gets to have some fun with it, too!

Congratulations, Julie, and thanks to everyone who entered!


Julie O-C says

April 30, 2009 - 8:48pm

Uh, Rob, you're embarrassing me. But thanks for all the love--and the new toy. I'm going to use this little baby for work AND for play, I can assure you. There's going to be a fair degree of ribbon-cutting etc. in the next little while, and you can't ever have too much hi-def footage of that sort of thing, you know? 

Hey, have you bought your Early Bird tix for Robert Lepage's The Blue Dragon yet? It's the big shew that will open the SFU at Woodward's inaugural cultural program in Feb. 2010. Time's a'wastin', so get on it...

Nice to cross paths--and meet for real instead of virtually! All best!


PS: In the true spirit of 2.0, we're going to be adding comments to the W blog soon...just waiting on some back-end techie stuff. Check back in a while and weigh in...

What’s the blogger buzz? | SFU Contemporary Arts says

July 23, 2009 - 1:01pm

[...] — glossy and gritty, local and global — for our city,” while social media strategist Rob Cottingham calls the project “fantastically innovative.” And Bovine in the Black Cloak recommends [...]

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