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"Teh Funny": watch it again for the first time

Rob's Northern Voice keynote now available online

Nancy White captures Teh Funny

Video genius Bruce Sharpe has just posted the video of my keynote from Feb. 21 at the Northern Voice blogging conference in Vancouver. It's my look at what makes the world of social media so damn funny. You'll laugh, you'll cry... and maybe you'll comment on it.

Graphic by Nancy White

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Blog ROI: You can relate

10 ways to maximize your blog's ROI: Part 4, building relationships

Lots of hands

So far in this 10-part series, we've seen how blogs can help you give your organization a human voice, gain valuable feedback and create a communications alternative to news releases and advertising. Now we're going to look at how it can help you build relationships with your customers, your public and your team.

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You've seen the presentation. Now write the review.

SpeakerRate: an online community for reviewing and rating speakers

Presentation rating (sharp)

A few months ago, I left a conference thinking how great it would be if I could have checked up on the speakers beforehand: not just their bios, but their reputations for delivering engaging, useful and, yes, entertaining talks. From that spun out the idea for a site where anyone could rate speakers and their presentations. My back-of-the-napkin diagrams got pretty elaborate... before I filed them away in our now-bulging File Drawer O' Great Ideas.

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Pew: One in 10 online Americans using Twitter or something like it


It's hard to say which is the more interesting finding in the latest Pew report on what Americans are up to online: the fact that one in 10 online Americans say they use Twitter, Yammer or a similar status-update application... or the fact that adoption declines so sharply with age:

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Is that what Michael Geist had in mind?

Ads in the middle of copy can cause unintended meaning

Advertising is one of the chief ways that web sites generate revenue.

But be careful where those ads go. Place them in the middle of your copy, and you may end up with something like what happened with this Vancouver Sun story (I should add, it's through no fault of Twitter-savvy reporter Gillian Shaw's).

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Blog ROI: Throw out that news release

10 ways to maximize your blog's ROI: Part 3, an alternative to news media

Blogging by typewriter

So far in this 10-part series, we've seen how blogs can give your organization a human voice, and provide valuable feedback from your customers. Now we're going to look at how they can open up a new communications channel to the world: one where you can tell stories that might not make front page news, but can still move your audience.

Many organizations have only two ways to talk to the public about the issues that matter to them: advertising, and mass media - often through a news release.

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Why not send us your thoughts on this video?

BBC comedy clip parodies news outlets asking for citizen participation

Hat tip to the good people at CBC's Spark.

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In praise of uncertainty (I think)

I recently had an email exchange with a few colleagues, sparked by a news columnist's disdain for how two local public figures are using Twitter. And Darren Barefoot, after offering some solid advice, weighed in with this:

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10 ways to use numbers in your blog post titles

Check out any social bookmarking site - Delicious, for instance, or Digg - and you'll see that a lot of the most popular pages being bookmarked have something in common: a number in the title.

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Spurring participation: Vancity's Viva la resolution! contest now in its 3rd year

Viva la resolution! contest

A little over two years ago, we sat down with Vancity's Kate Dugas and William Azaroff to help them think through a New Year's resolution contest. Little did we know we were helping to forge a dynasty.

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