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BC Hydro hits YouTube

Our friends and clients at BC Hydro have made the leap onto YouTube, with a series of videos promoting their newly overhauled, conservation-enhanced web site.

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We're hiring! Be our next social media strategist!

We're hiring again... and if you're a social media strategist with a social-change frame of mind, then do we have the job for you:

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DeSmogBlog: social media at work to clear the air around climate change

One of the reasons we're seized with the power of social media is that we've seen its potential for engaging people in the most important conversations of our time. With such urgent crises as climate change on the global agenda, I draw a lot of my hope for the future from the way I see people coming together from a wide range of backgrounds - some of them unlikely - to tackle the big challenges.

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Northern Voice: speaker submission deadline is now Monday, Dec. 22

Northern Voice 2009The invariably astounding Northern Voice blogging/social media conference is happening February 20-21 here in sunny Vancouver... and they're looking for great presentations.

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It's lonely at the top

Google Reader, our newsreader of choice here at Social Signal (hunter-destroyer droids constantly prowl the premises, looking for holdouts still using Bloglines... there's one now! KABOOM!)...

...anyway, Google Reader has launched a redesign. It's crisper, cleaner, simpler and faster.

But apparently, there's a downside: you'll have a lot fewer friends.

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If you have to leave, go out in style

Respect your customers' data in your web application information policies

Sort-of-a-Twitter-competitor Pownce will soon be shutting down their service. Bought by Six Apart, Pownce has announced they'll close the doors for good on December 15.

But there's a little nugget of goodness in that sad piece of news. They're making it easy for you to rescue your data so it doesn't go down with the ship:

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Blog ROI: Get into the feedback loop

10 ways to maximize your blog's ROI: Part 2, getting high-value feedback

Think for a moment about how much your organization spends to find out what its audience (a term we'll keep using until something better comes along, but it really isn't adequate in a social media age) is thinking.

Maybe you're doing opinion polling or focus groups. Maybe you have labs where your prospective customers are testing your newest products and services. Maybe you've hired consultants to mine your customer service logs for golden nuggest of insight.

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The Obama online campaign, by the numbers

Quantifying the impact of social media on the 2008 election

The Washington Post's Clickocracy series has a piece on the Obama online campaign, and while the exclusive interview and anecdotes are well worth reading, it's the numbers that really tell the story:

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Northern Voice 2009: call for speakers

Northern Voice, the two-day social media and personal blogging conference, is gearing up for 2009 in Vancouver. And first on the agenda is a call for speakers:

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Blog ROI: Put the I in ROI

10 ways to maximize your blog's ROI: Part 1, give your organization a human voice

Times are tight, which is the polite way of saying that your communications budget has probably been handed to Freddy Krueger for a light trim. So whether your organization is already blogging, or just thinking about it, you need to make a strong case for your blog's ROI.

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