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We (heart) the U.S.A.

Canadians supporting Americans in Change (through Facebook)

Obama Hope posterThere was much rejoicing and clinking of glasses/bottles last night as the fact (and scope) of Barack Obama's victory became apparent.

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Election night sketchbook

He's the most wired, with-it presidential candidate ever. My friends, join me in congratulating the social media president-elect: Barack Obama. 

And what would history be without a little cartooning in the margins?

Various sketches from the election

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Now greener and giftier

Announcing updates to the BC Hydro Green Gifts Facebook Application

Wow, it's hard to believe it's already been a year since we launched Green Gifts – the free virtual-gift-giving Facebook application we created for BC Hydro. That's a lot of water under the bridge (through the turbine? over the dam?) - this time last year, Hillary Clinton had a lock on the Democratic nomination, real estate was the can't-lose investment and the theme to Hockey Night in Canada was still the theme to Hockey Night in Canada.

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Best local sites for green living: BC Hydro, tie for silver in Georgia Straight readers' picks

There are a lot of smiles here at Social Signal's sprawling corporate headquarters. Two of our clients, BC Hydro and the Vancouver sustainability hub, just tied for second place in the Georgia Straight's annual "Best of Vancouver" awards.

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Social media and the 2008 Canadian federal election: still a long way to go

The Canadian national election campaign is just under a week old, with five more weeks to go.

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Vancity is on a social media tear!

Vancity launches public wiki on microfinance

Just a quick note about our friends at Vancity: this summer, they launched a new wiki about microfinance. It's a terrific resource on the subject, and if you've been looking for a solid introduction to it - or if you have some expertise to contribute - be sure to drop by.

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A big Digg for Noise to Signal

Regular readers will recall how excited I am that Noise to Signal is now running at ReadWriteWeb (a great source for news and insight about the business and technology of social media) and that RWW is now ranked number 9 in the whole freakin' blogospheriverse.

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Election regulators and social media - oil, meet water.

Exploring the Legal Implications of Social Media in the Election Process

The CBC reports that Quebec's chief electoral officer is studying new rules on "cybercampaigning":

As the internet plays an increasingly important role in political campaigns and elections, rules and laws need to evolve in order to keep the playing field level, said Quebec elections director Marcel Blanchet.

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A little ambiguity gets Google off the hook over Taiwan

You may well deal with user interface issues all the time - but have you ever handled one that had geopolitical implications?

Consider Google Analytics, the free web analysis tool that gives you an in-depth look at the people coming to your site and what they're doing there.

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Now appearing on ReadWriteWeb

ReadWriteWeb logo

A little horn-tooting here, because I'm really excited about this: Noise to Signal, my cartoon about social media, has been picked up by the fine folks at ReadWriteWeb. Here's editor Richard MacManus' announcement:

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