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Clay Shirky on social media: "I can do that, too!"

How social media is turning viewers into value contributors - on a mass scale

This is a spectacular presentation from Clay Shirky at last month's Web 2.0 Expo. He makes a compelling argument that the time-sucking power of television has masked a huge pool of creative and collaborative energy out there... and that social media are all about unleashing that energy – at TV's expense:

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Flock: a deserving Webby winner, and a ground-breaking browser

Get Flock

Well, if was going to lose in the Webby race, it couldn't have been to a more worthy contender than Flock.

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Thank you, ChangeEverything supporters!

Supporters show love for ChangeEverything at the Webby Awards

We just wanted to say a big "thank you" to all of our friends out there who headed over to the Webby Awards People's Voice site and voted for Vancity's

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Social Tech Training: Toronto, June 22-24

SocialTech Training

For a lot of organizations, grasping the potential of social media is a big step... but actually implementing it is even bigger. How do you bridge the chasm between "You know what we should do?" and "So how do we do it?"

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At, blogging is an EPIC undertaking


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Friends of the show, doing cool things

Congrats due for Vancouver social media companies celebrating successes and launches

In the hubbub of our various projects, we've let two three interesting developments in our local social media scene slip by unremarked.

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13 keys to a good panel

I've been very lucky with panel discussions: I've never been on a dud. I hear the horror stories (and I've witnessed them from the audience): moderators who can't read the room, panelists who run way long and pitch their company relentlessly, and chemistry that just doesn't work.

Monica, Linda, Rob, Rebecca, Warren

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Move over, comment spam: the latest Web 2.0 scourge is here

Rash of Whiteboard Spam terrorizes Web 2.0 collaboration sites

A few days ago, we stepped out of the Social Signal offices for a little brainstorming over lunch. We'd usually do that sort of thing here - we had our walls done with whiteboard paint for exactly that reason - but a change of scenery seemed to be in order.

About 90 minutes later, we returned, only to find this on our walls:

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Say it now and say it loud: "I'm a newbie, and I'm proud!"

Newbies: your tech unfamiliarity is just a first step on ladder of learning

I delivered a presentation today to the folks at Metro Vancouver (the level of government formerly known as the Greater Vancouver Regional District) on the social web and local government. It was a great group, with lots of lively discussion.

One of the members of the audience introduced herself to me as a "techno-peasant". It's a term I hear a lot from people, often with a rueful smile. But something about the term has always rubbed me the wrong way - and today I realized what it was.

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Do adjust your set: viewers flock to YouTube over TV to see Obama

Alex posted yesterday about YouTube views as a proxy for the relative support for political candidates. According to this piece at TechPresident, the same may be true of the relative support for new and old(er) media:

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