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Cartooning for people who can't draw

You don't need drawing skills to create powerful images that amplify your content

Simple drawing of a house

Across the social web, organizations are discovering the power that the right image - including an apt cartoon - can lend to your content. And there’s never been a better time to not be able to draw.

Okay, let me back up. It’s not that it doesn’t matter how well something is drawn, or how visually attractive it is. If you’re great at drawing, or you have a good eye for color and composition, you’re way ahead of the game — all other things being equal.

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Measuring the Networked Nonprofit has arrived

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

A few weeks ago, I let you know that Measuring the Networked Nonprofit was on its way, bringing with it the combined wisdom of Beth Kanter and Katie Paine on how nonprofits can measure their impact in an era of free agents and networked activism.

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Cartoon-blogging at Google Engage Vancouver

Google Engage factoid with beaver

Google Engage for Agencies came to Canada a year ago, training agencies in AdWords and other Google products so they can then offer those products to their clients. Yesterday Google celebrated the program's first Canuck birthday with a four-city conference, connected by Google Hangout, looking at marketing trends facing digital agencies and their clients.

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Using Facebook? Hope you have a camera!

Theo Lamb and Darren Barefoot on the science of Facebook for non-profits


After reviewing 1,000 Facebook posts and updates from 20 non-profits with large followings on the site, Capulet's Theo Lamb and Darren Barefoot can report

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Hey, you got measurement in my network!

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit hits bookshelves in October

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

Every once in a while, titans team up. Sometimes the results are catastrophic (Lex Luthor, meet Brainiac) — but once in a while, you get something so wonderful ("You got chocolate in my peanut butter!") it's almost enough to rehabilitate the word "synergy".

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Social Speech Podcast, Episode 11: Maddie Grant

Social Speech - Maddie Grant

Maddie Grant of DC-based SocialFish has done a lot of thinking about connecting online audiences with speeches, panels and presentations.

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Nora Young on what our virtual selves are building

Nora Young / The Virtual Self

As we Like, tweet, post, pin and share our way through our daily lives, we're adding to a staggering repository of information. Exactly what are we creating – and do we have a choice in how it's used?

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Social Speech Podcast, Episode 10: Holly Ross

Social Speech - Holly Ross

This episode features Holly Ross from NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network. She's a great speaker in her own right – and every year, NTEN hosts the Nonprofit Technology Conference. It's a huge gathering (but remarkably relaxed and collegial), and we talk about what it takes to connect that many people online at a conference - and how speakers can make the most of a connected audience.

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Social Speech Podcast, Episode 9: JD Lasica

Social Speech - JD Lasica

When you want solid advice on social media, backed up by years of experience with both non-profits and businesses, you go to JD Lasica.

And so did I, for a half-hour conversation that touched on everything from why letting your audience see your slides in advance may not be a bad idea, to how speaking and community-building go hand-in-hand.

Listen to JD, then explore these links for some terrific resources:

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Social Speech Podcast, Episode 8: Nancy Duarte

Social Speech - Nancy Duarte

It's hard to say just where Nancy Duarte has had the biggest impact: as the architect of Al Gore's presentation on climate change in An Inconvenient Truth... as the author of two profoundly powerful books on crafting and delivering presentations, slide:ology and Resonate... the co-creator of Duarte Design, a firm that has been redefining the art and science of presentations for nearly a quarter-century...

...or as a pioneer in integrating social media and public speaking around the central driving idea of story.

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