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We get a lot of good questions from our friends, and not all of them fit into one category or another. Here's where you'll find the awkward questions, the leading questions, the out-of-left-field questions... in short, some of our favourite questions.

Who's behind Social Signal's new look?

Our new site was built in-house by Aaron Pettigrew, with a little help from one of our favourite Drupal programmers, Khalid Baheyeldin. It's built in Drupal 6, an open source content management platform. The entire Social Signal team worked together to create and organize the new content you'll find on the site, including our new Dear SoSi feature.

Does your rainbow logo mean you're part of the gay business community?

We love our new rainbow logo (thanks, Veerle Pieters!), which conveys our excitement about the colour and diversity of the social web. We also love the shout out to our friends in the gay community, which is a community many of our team members are part of or care deeply about. We're not a gay-owned business, but we're proud to be a gay-friendly company that works towards respect for all human rights as part of our commitment to social change.

Can you make me laugh?

If there is anything more annoying than a Facebook vampire, it's social media sites that offer faux-breezy introductions to their Designated Humor Areas. So let us skip past the painful intro and get right to the good stuff: the Social Signal posts that we hear bring the occasional smile to even the most screen-glazed face. And of course, there's lots more laughter waiting for you on the Noise to Signal cartoon.

How has Social Signal contributed to the Drupal community?

Social Signal has been developing online communities on the Drupal platform since 2005. While we are platform-agnostic, and work with many different social media tools and platforms, we have developed particular expertise in working with Drupal. The platform and community have grown enormously in the time we've been working with Drupal, and many companies and organizations approach us specifically for our expertise in creating usable, highly participatory communities on the Drupal platform.

We suspect one of our most trusted operatives has gone rogue. What are our options?

I think maybe you have us confused with this SOSi. But may we suggest that you try a wiki?

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