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How can political campaigns and advocacy organizations use social media to build support?

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Political campaigns have embraced social media -- a trend that is only going to increase in the wake of Barack Obama's enormous organizing success. We've been studying and working on online campaigns for longer than Obama's been in politics (oy! this is literally the case) but even we're excited about how social media changes the rules of the game. Political scientists and consultants have been talking about how the Internet enables mass political mobilization since at least 1994: in 2008, we finally saw that hope mature into a game-changing example of what distributed political power can do.

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2006 Political campaigns engage with social web, but fall short in building vibrant online communities

In the past few months, nearly all of the candidates have revamped their web presences. But how well do they measure up on their use of the tools of the social web?

Blogging and the 2006 Canadian election

John Bowman pours some welcome cold water on a few hotheaded conspiracy theories, but gives blogging its due in breaking several stories and playing a key role in defeating at least one MP.

Community organizing 2.0: Republicans missing the boat with the participatory web

Although the right has tried to jump on board the Web 2.0 bandwagon – including ventures into social media by the McCain campaign – progressives have a critical advantage...

Exploring the Legal Implications of Social Media in the Election Process

That's one mighty angry hornets' nest Blanchet is poking, and I'll be surprised if the comments on that CBC story don't rapidly fill up with cries of outrage, echoed in the blogosphere.

Quantifying the impact of social media on the 2008 election

When it comes to the Obama online campaign, the numbers tell a powerful story.

Social media and the 2008 Canadian federal election: still a long way to go

Widgets turn bloggers into online fundraisers

Widgets have exploded in popularity, partly because they integrate so nicely with profiles on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. And one of the most intriguing ways to use them is to turn your site's visitors into fundraisers on your organization's behalf.

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