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How can we use social media to increase our sales and revenue?

For most companies, the bottom line in social media is this: how can I use it to increase sales revenue? There are four ways social media can help you achieve this goal: marketing, traffic, loyalty and innovation.

  1. Marketing: Increase the awareness and cachet of your brand so that more people want to do business with you.
  2. Traffic: Drive traffic to your on- and offline point-of-sales so that you sell more.
  3. Loyalty: Increase your customers' commitment to your brand, products and services so that they buy more often or in larger volume.
  4. Innovation: Use social media to add value to your existing products or services, create new offerings, or sell more effectively, so that you can sell at a higher price and/or higher volume.

The resources in this Dear SoSi offer our best insights on each of these four fronts. You don't have to pursue all four strategies; in fact, you'd be wise to focus on one or two (at least in the first instance).

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10 ways to use numbers in your blog post titles

A lot of the most popular pages and blog posts out there on the web have something in common: a number in the title. If you want to get people's attention, why not try one of these tricks for using the magic of numbers-in-titles the next time you're blogging?

14 tips for Twitter contests that build followers and brand visibility

How can $200 get 1500 customers to promote your brand in one day? Learn from the Twitter contest that threadless launched today, and tweet our tips for your chance to win a Flip MinoHD Camcorder, pre-loaded with Rob's Teh Funny keynote at Northern Voice -- in which Rob became the first standup to heckle himself on Twitter.

4 questions to answer before you get started (or move forward) with social media

Before you start picking out platforms for your first social media project, use these four questions to get clear about what you want to get out of social media... and what you want your audience to get from it, too.

4 steps for calculating ROI on social media

Considering a social media investment? Here are some rules of thumb for figuring out what it will yield.

Corporations start to recognize importance of monitoring social media for impact to their business

One of the faster-growing areas of public relations these days is blog monitoring. The Web 2.0 equivalent of a clipping service, blog monitoring services scour the Internet's blogs for mentions of a client, client's competitor, or keywords suggesting an issue important to a competitor.

Engagement planning to bring your social media project to life

Your engagement plan is the roadmap of what you want to achieve in the first 3 to 6 months of your project, and how you're going to get there. Here are the ingredients of a winning engagement plan, from blogger outreach to incentives and contests.

Free Social Signal ebook: 10 Ways Your Blog Can Provide Real Value to You, Your Organization and Your Brand

Social Signal's first ebook is out, and free for the downloading: 10 Ways Your Blog Can Provide Real Value to You, Your Organization and Your Brand.

Helping your community do what they want to online - even outside your website

How do you create a site that keeps people on your pages? One of your most attractive features may be a big, well-lit exit door. Here's how you can keep your site from feeling cut-off from the rest of the Net... and keep a healthy circulation going, in and out.

Inviting positive customer feedback

Never ask your customers for negative feedback without also inviting positive feedback. Postive feedback can be a significant value driver, and by making it social, can also be a powerful marketing tool.

Reflected glory marketing: building brand with Web 2.0

For a few lucky brands – like media companies, Nike or Apple – customers care enough about the product or brand that they’re happy to come and talk about your products. For everybody else, the best way to tap the power of Web 2.0 is to create an online community that has intrinsic value, and let the activities of that community reflect positively on the parent company's brand. We call this approach reflected glory marketing.

Tagging tips and strategies that make content easier to find and manage

Tagging is one of the most powerful tools you have for adding value to online content, driving traffic to your blog and generally building stronger online communities. Put it to work with this collection of basic tips - plus a killer tip for using tags to put your blog in the middle of a big conversation.

Targeting your video message to the community you want to reach

Being "too corporate for YouTube" isn't just a question of slick production values. It's all about conversation... and giving your audience something of value to them.

Using online contests as a marketing tool

Online contests build your brand most effectively when they get others to do your marketing for you, by posting their entries on the social networks where your products or services will be seen. Here's how to approach the challenge.

Using social media to drive business innovation: insights from Guy Kawasaki and Target's Michael Axelin

Guy Kawasaki's talk on The Art of Innovation, combined with insights from Target VP Michael Axelin, provides a great framework for thinking about how social media can support business innovation -- a key benefit of social media that is neglected in favor of a pure focus on marketing.


Priyanka D says

April 7, 2009 - 2:56am

These are good tips, sometime back we had written a blog post on twitter. It included case studies of the four above aspects of social network.

On twitter (http://twitter.com/DeskAway), recently we started a daily work tip tweet where we tweet some relevant work tip for our followers who are mostly working people.


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