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How has Social Signal contributed to the Drupal community?

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Social Signal has been developing online communities on the Drupal platform since 2005. While we are platform-agnostic, and work with many different social media tools and platforms, we have developed particular expertise in working with Drupal. The platform and community have grown enormously in the time we've been working with Drupal, and many companies and organizations approach us specifically for our expertise in creating usable, highly participatory communities on the Drupal platform.

One of the reasons we like working with Drupal is because the investments our clients and developers make in their communities end up benefiting thousands of other Drupal sites and millions of other Drupal users. We work with our clients to ensure that any custom programming on their sites is created in the form of Drupal modules, and to contribute those modules back to the Drupal community so they can benefit other sites. This page highlights some of those contributions, and provides some more context for our work with the Drupal platform.

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A strategic approach to building participation with Drupal

A quick summary of what it means to work with an open source content management system, and how Social Signal uses Drupal as a platform for building community participation.

Bridging the virtual world and your information in Drupal

No matter how appealing an online service is, users and developers alike always feel frustrated when their noses bump up against walls.

How your organization can use Drupal to monitor social and mainstream media

Alex has been an evangelist for Aggregator2, which  turns the Drupal platform into a powerful tool for news tracking and republishing by offering options for customizing news feeds, tagging news items, and moderating incoming news.  That feature set makes Aggregator2 an exceptionally flexible choice for setting up a nonprofit news tracker that aggregates news from a wide range of blogs, news sites and search engines.

Nudging participation along at ChangeEverything.ca

Every community site has a large, often-untapped base of what are sometimes called "lurkers". By giving them a quick, simple way to make a meaningful contribution, we think we can start them on their way up the participation ladder. We created that option on ChangeEverthing with a "nudge" module that our client Vancity released back to the Drupal community.

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