Who's behind Social Signal's new look?

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Our new site was built in-house by Aaron Pettigrew, with a little help from one of our favourite Drupal programmers, Khalid Baheyeldin. It's built in Drupal 6, an open source content management platform. The entire Social Signal team worked together to create and organize the new content you'll find on the site, including our new Dear SoSi feature.

Social Signal's new logo and web design were created by Duoh's Veerle Pieters, who also created the designs for NetSquared and Tyze. In addition to having a fantastic visual , Veerle is one of the world's top experts on working with CSS (the code that affects how web pages display). That accounts for nifty flourishes on our site like overlapping tabs and swanky breadcrumbs.

Veerle's design was converted to a Drupal theme by Courtney Miller of floatleft. Courtney has worked extensively with Social Signal, doing the Drupal themes for sites like NetSquared, happyfrog, ChangeEverything and Tyze. Time and again, Courtney helps us prove that a Drupal site doesn't have to look, well, "drupally" -- and we think she's done it again for us!

You can find out more about Aaron, Khalid, Veerle and Courtney on our team and partners pages.

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