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Logos, photos and more

Blogging about Social Signal? Covering us in the media? Sharing a list of fantastic companies with your colleagues, and you naturally want to include us?

Lovely! We'd love to help out however we can. Here is a collection of logos and photos that we hope will make your job a little easier.

And if there's any other information we can provide, please let us know.

Social Signal logo (normal)

Social Signal logo

GIF 300 px wide
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Social Signal logo (reverse)

Social Signal logo reversed on grey

TIFF 1200 px wide (160 KB)
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Alexandra Samuel, CEO - photo

Alexandra Samuel

JPEG (1.8 MB) - Please credit "Photo: Kris Krug"

Rob Cottingham, President - photo

Rob Cottingham

JPEG 419 px wide (68 KB)

Rob Cottingham

JPEG (1.9 MB) - Please credit "Photo: Michele Brayton"

Alex and Rob - photo

Alex and Rob in front of pink curtains

TIFF (25 MB)
JPEG (1.4 MB)

Alex and Rob sitting against a white background

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