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Ep. 23: the don't-try-to-build-Facebook episode

Podcast: Strategy for a small organization

We're coming up to the fifth anniversary of the Social Signal blog. So it's fitting that this Bedtime with Rob and Alex podcast looks at the heart of what we do: developing strategies for participation.

And this time out, we're looking at strategies for smaller organizations (both in budget and membership). We cover:


Ep. 22 - the gearhead episode

Podcast: Interview with ManyMoon CEO

Regular visitors to SocialSignal.com will know how obsessed Alex is with project and task management. So tonight, on A Very Special Bedtime with Rob and Alex, when we bring an outsider into bed* with us, it's Manymoon CEO Amit Kulkarni - here to talk with us about his collaborative task management web app.

Ep. 21 - the old-enough-to-drink episode

After more than a month of radio silence - life does love to throw the occasional spitball, no? - the drowsy duo are back. And in this episode, inspired by our hiatus, we ask what it takes to give a social media project some staying power.

The five questions we suggest you ask about your project, if you want it to still be around by the time we do our next episode:

Ep. 18: the out-of-order episode

Just for variety's sake, we take you back to the halcyon days of mid-March for a discussion of what makes a community more than just a collection of little interactions. And it's just as valid now as it was then. Some truths are timeless, huh?

Ep. 20: the parental-guilt episode

Finding yourself plunking the kids down with something unhealthy - weaponized anthrax, ninja throwing stars, Bob the Builder - just so you can grab some keyboard time? How do you tell when a healthy pastime is turning into unhealthy competition for your children's attention?

Bedtime with Twitter

Ep. 19: the all-a-twitter episode

Twitter and its microblogging siblings let you follow a stream of one-line updates from your friends. It's pretty much the shortest form of social media out there... but that doesn't stop us from going on at length about it.  And we came up with five questions about Twitter:

Ep. 17: the big-jar-of-change episode

Alex came home from a talk by Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus, and she was in a soul-searching frame of mind. How does the web support meaningful social change? And is there a particular kind of change the web does an especially good job at?

Ep. 16: the hexiversary episode

It's episode 16 - a significant number in the binary world, and we start with a few words about our own 10th cohabitation anniversary (we believe that's the "Macbook Air anniversary"). Then it's on to parenting and a not-unrelated note, project management. Is it time for you to switch to a new project management system? Maybe we'll help you figure that out.

Ep. 15: the guest-star episode

A special guest star joins us as we ask: how is your (and their) computer use affecting your kids?

Here are some of the links we touch on:


Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep. 14: the way-to-go! episode

A little encouragement goes a long way in keeping the Web 2.0 world turning. Alex and Rob talk about how to offer a few kind words to the folks who do everything from posting Creative Commons-licensed photos to creating fantastic YouTube videos.

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