Our engagement services frequently begin with strategy and concept development work that ensures your site can offer a clear value proposition to visitors and contributors: a combination of tools, content and relationships that will keep them coming back for more.

But once your platform is built, it's time for the real fun to begin! Social Signal will help you turn site visitors into site participants with a complete range of services to promote and engage your community.

Engagement planning

Social Signal can develop a 3-, 6- or 12-month plan for bringing your site to life, covering:

  • community activities and content that draw people to your community and keep momentum building
  • contests and incentives that motivate people to contribute content to your site
  • structured community feedback into site development, intensifying community participation and commitment
  • communications integration that links your online community to your broader advertising, marketing or communications strategy¬†

Read more about our engagement planning approach on our blog. >>

Content Development

Our writers can help you establish a distinctive, engaging voice for your site with:

  • blog posts and site contributions that reflect your mission and culture
  • user friendly terms of use and privacy policies
  • site copy including welcome texts, instructional text, contest texts
  • technical documentation and how-tos
  • e-mail texts for outreach, promotions and conflict management


Bring visitors and users to your site with:

  • online outreach that gets bloggers writing about your community and fosters links from other online communities
  • online advertising strategy and execution
  • contest planning and administration to offer compelling and mission-appropriate prizes, with timely fulfillment


Skilled animation can turn a quiet web site into a thriving, humming community. (We use the term animation because it keeps the focus on encouraging positive participation, where the term moderation focuses on discouraging negative participation.) An effective animator artfully solicits input, encourages community connectedness, and discourages anti-social behavior.

Social Signal offers two approaches to ensuring your site has the quality animation it needs to come to life.  We can offer:
  • scaleable, professional site animation by a trained Social Signal animator who is selected for fit with your project's mission and culture
  • animator recruitment and coaching: we'll help you hire the right person for your team, train them in your platform and our proven animation approach, and provide ongoing coaching, mentoring and peer community support.

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