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Strategy, from background to blueprint

Research and analysis

Your organization can make the most effective use of social media tools when your projects are grounded in a thorough understanding of online opportunities and challenges. Social Signal's strong research background means we can help you create a compelling case for effective online engagement, including:

  • research papers and articles on social media trends, best practices and opportunities
  • social media guides that assess the social media landscape and help your organization chart an effective course
  • best practices reports and industry surveys

Concept development

Every successful online community starts with a unique, compelling online concept. Social Signal will help you find your organization’s best approach to social media through...

  • needs assessment workshops, surveys and interviews to pinpoint the content, tools & relationships your audiences will find most compelling
  • strategy workshops to identify online community options that meet your organization's needs
  • business cases that analyze competitive risks, return on investment and revenue possibilities for your community

Requirements gathering

Social Signal will equip your development team with the guidance they need to realize your vision:

  • feature lists that identify the specific kinds of content, tools and relationships your site will offer
  • requirements documents that translate your community's focus and features into a roadmap for your web developer
  • wireframes (functional blueprints) that visualize the major pages and sections of your online community

Once your requirements documents are complete, they can form the basis of our work together with our team of development partners through to launch. Or, if you prefer, they can serve as the scope of work for your in-hour team or established partner - or the basis of a competitive RFP from multiple vendors. We can hand it off to you completely, remain in an advisory role or help you manage the project: whatever role best serves your needs.

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