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Give a speech. And lead a conversation.

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Speak as strongly online as you do from the stage.

That's what lets you turn twenty minutes in front of a few hundred people into an engagement with multitudes.

Social Signal can show you how, crafting a social speech that integrates with networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You'll engage your audience more deeply than ever before. And you'll lead a growing conversational community that will follow you from presentation to presentation.

  • Focus your message in a speech that connects head-on with your audience, and inspires them with a clear, compelling call to action
  • Engage the audience in the room... and the much larger online audience – turning your speech into rich conversations that spark ideas and new relationships.
  • Develop and sustain an online network of followers and colleagues, focused on your ideas.

You'll draw on the experience and skills of the world's longest-established social media agency: Social Signal has advised international organizations, large enterprises and governments on using the social web for productive, positive conversations. Our principals are each accomplished public speakers, addressing audiences ranging from South by Southwest to the Conference Board of Canada.

And you'll work with Rob Cottingham, who has more than two decades of experience writing speeches for national political leaders, CEOs, non-profits and labour unions. One of Canada's most prominent speechwriters, he's known for his deft use of anecdotes, metaphor and humour to resonate with audiences and drive your message home.

Get the whole story in our social speech overview (PDF)

Ask us today about making your next speech the most engaging, effective one yet.

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