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Strategy and community-building

We help businesses and organizations build online community participation from the ground up. We help you envision and build online communities and conversations that reflect your audience's most passionately-held values – values that reinforce your brand, mission and reputation.

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The values that provide the most fertile meeting ground for you and your audience are different for each organization. At Social Signal, we focus on projects that convene conversations around values that are as important to us as they are to our clients: the values of environmental and social sustainability.

Whether you're a large commercial enterprise or a community-based non-profit, we can help you translate your sustainability commitments into an engaging home on the social web. Social Signal offers complete support for your social web project. Let Social Signal take you from start to finish – or draw on our team for services that complement your in-house capacity and established vendor relationships.

The Concept Jam

Find your winning social media opportunity through this comprehensive discovery, workshop and reporting process. You'll get the concept you need for success, and your team will develop new capacity for working with social media and online tools.

Presentations and Workshops

Social Signal principals Alexandra Samuel and Rob Cottingham deliver engaging, inspiring sessions that leave your audience or team with new insights into how social media can open conversations, deepen relationships and strengthen your brand.

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