The Concept Jam

"How can social media engage our customers, supporters or team?"

You want to:

  • market your products or services with the power of social media
  • open a conversation with and within your audience
  • spur your audience to engage with the values underlying your brand
  • create innovative tools to unleash the power of collaboration inside and outside your organization

Find the social media concept that creates value for your team and audience

We'll engage your team in finding the best opportunity and concept for your social media venture. The Concept Jam is a workshop-driven process that culminates in the delivery of a high-value concept uniquely tailored to your organization’s goals, audiences and strengths. You'll get:

  • A concept that sets your social media presence apart from the pack: a vision for the combination of content, tools and relationships that give your audiences a reason to visit and contribute to your social media presence.
  • Enhanced capacity to understand and work with social media among the team members who participate in our day-long workshop that demonstrates how the best practices and examples of social media apply to your organization’s goals, audiences and strengths.
  • A set of ideas and options for using social media to build value in your organization; a typical workshop yields 50-100 ideas and 4-8 options that range from easy wins to high-value opportunities.

Download the Concept Jam leaflet and sample Jam agenda (PDF - 900KB)

We start with a pre-workshop discovery process that informs a workshop inventory of your goals, audiences and strengths. During the day-long workshop, we build on that inventory by engaging your team in a creative brainstorm about the opportunities for storytelling, connecting and knowledge sharing with social media. Our experience and creativity with social media combines with your team’s deep understanding of your audiences and value, so that together we come up with the most compelling and powerful opportunities.

Each section of the workshop includes an accessible, engaging introduction to examples of how social media is being used by others in your sector. Our approach ensures that every member of your team will be able to participate, from the social media savvy to the raw beginners. Participants will come away with new knowledge, skills, ways of working together and a clear vision: the concept that unlocks the value of social media for your brand and your organization.

Within three days of your workshop, you receive a comprehensive report that summarizes key outcomes and includes a complete, well-organized list of the 50 to 100 ideas that were generated by the group. Within two weeks after the workshop we will deliver a concept report—a high level examination of three to six options for your organization to pursue. The report is half vision, half roadmap, and considers your core vision, audiences, main features of the site, related sites, and the potential value of each option for you and for your users.

After a further consultation, we deliver a refined version of your concept: a succinct, clear vision for how  you can realize this social media opportunity to connect with your customers, supporters or team.

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