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Not-so-special nearby!

Foursquare needs a little judiciousness to stay useful

Foursquare promotion

For Foursquare, the situation would seem to be straightforward: the more special offers, the better. And at first that's true.

But if the company keeps accepting deals like the Starbucks Frappuccino promotion - low-value offers available only to a tiny number of people - then that "Special Nearby" link will mean little more to users than "Come read some ads".

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If you're going to ask, why not listen?

Show your users you've heard their feedback

Facebook ad with x button highlighted

If you use Facebook, you've almost certainly noticed the ads on the right-hand side of most pages. And chances are you've also noticed the little "x" in the upper right-hand corner of each ad.

It's the "I don't like this" link (the opposite of that little thumbs-up icon under each ad), and I use it regularly. I let most Facebook ads slide, but some either offend me (usually with a gratuitously sexist photo, or a clearly misleading come-on) or are just so clearly not intended for me (thanks, but I'm not in the market for a condo) that I end up clicking - more to alert Facebook than for any other reason.

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Is that what Michael Geist had in mind?

Ads in the middle of copy can cause unintended meaning

Advertising is one of the chief ways that web sites generate revenue.

But be careful where those ads go. Place them in the middle of your copy, and you may end up with something like what happened with this Vancouver Sun story (I should add, it's through no fault of Twitter-savvy reporter Gillian Shaw's).

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How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0: Part 3 - Earning revenue with advertising

Welcome to the latest installment in our series on revenue sources for non-profit social media projects. Today, I'm looking at what many non-profits first think of (and often, recoil at) when it comes to earning money online: advertising.

If your site attracts a lot of visitors -- or even a niche community of visitors that advertisers want to reach -- you can place advertising on your site to generate revenue. There are three types of advertising to consider:

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Toonblogging Northern Voice, day 2: Advertising

This morning's first session, led by AdHack's James Sherrett, was a lively discussion of the role that advertising has – or, maybe, doesn't have – in blogging.

James asking how else ads affect blogs; his T-shirt has spam ads on it

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