(woman in dominatrix outfit to someone in a furry outfit) No, last night was quirks mode. Tonight is strict mode.

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Bar? None.

How to remove the DiggBar


Digg, the site that lets users find and rate content from all over the web, recently introduced a new feature: the DiggBar. Contrary to what you might think, it isn't a place where you can drink away your memories of the commenting culture on Digg; instead, it's a combination URL shortener and frame from sites bookmarked in Digg.

Here, for example, is what looks like in the DiggBar:

Fear will keep the { display:inline } - fear of this browser.

Fear will keep the { display:inline } - fear of this browser.(stunned-looking web developer) I sense a great disturbance in the web development community, as if millions of voices cried out in terror. I fear somebody's released yet another frigging browser.
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Flock: a deserving Webby winner, and a ground-breaking browser

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Well, if was going to lose in the Webby race, it couldn't have been to a more worthy contender than Flock.

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